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About Us

     Welcome to the Digital home of Chatterjee Cardiology. We opened our doors to our patients from London and surrounding communities , in November 2013. In our endeavor to serve the patients of this area we have worked to the best of our ability , and by Gods Grace, our patients have rewarded us with news of better heart and vascular health. Our physician colleagues in this area have trusted us with their patients and hopefully we have reposed their trust  by giving their patients  the service that they expected of us.

        Dr. Chatterjee moved to this area from Los Angeles in 1988 with a determination to serve the patients in our small community and started the very first Cardiology program and Catheterization Lab  at Marymount Hospital (now St. Joseph Hospital) . He did the first cardiac catheterization in the area at the then Marymount Hospital, in July 1988. He also performed the first cardiac catheterization at the new St. Joseph London facility on August 19, 2010, the very day the new facility was open. Over the last two decades and more, his work as a physician has progressed from Invasive cardiology to be more Preventive in nature. He is on the adjunct clinical faculty’s at the University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, and LMU, at Harrodsburg Tennessee. He still continues to do invasive cardiology procedures, electively.
Since June 2014 he started the first vein disease treatment center in this area. After doing this procedure for almost 3 years, he has now affiliated himself with one of the premier vein treatment centers across the country – THE VEIN GUYS (based in Augusta,Ga). He can now treat all forms of vein disease either at his own facility or with referral to a nearby Vein Guys center.
Our Motto is : ‘We will serve our patients to the best of our ability, by the Grace of God’

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